Study Abroad

Studying overseas provides a unique opportunity for exposure to fresh perspectives on international political, economic and social issues, interpersonal relationships and ultimate career choices.

It takes students on a journey beyond Marymount, enhancing their desire to explore, increase intercultural competence, engage in critical reflection, and pursue a deeper and broader understanding of themselves, and of the world.

Students return from their study abroad experiences with more self-confidence, greater intellectual maturity, a stronger sense of independence and responsibility, and an appreciation for their own culture as well as that of others. It is a truly transformative experience.

Marymount California University’s study abroad and travel study programs directly support our emphasis on encouraging students to recognize and develop multiple perspectives and global awareness.

Students may travel to semester programs in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany and Cyprus. Short-term, faculty-led summer programs also are available to other parts of the world.

Students who are enrolled full-time in in a study abroad semester receive full college semester credit on their Marymount transcripts.

Reflections for a Marymount online study abroad course are tailored for the international experience and will engage the student in critical reflection related to personal growth and development as well as global competence.  The course, Global Studies 241, can be taken for one or two credits.

Federal financial aid, such as loans and state aid, such as Pell grants, will be allocated to your study abroad semester. MCU scholarships and grants do not apply to your semester abroad. There also are external scholarships available through the link below. Please note the application deadlines:

Fall 2017 Deadline March 15, 2017
Spring 2018 Early deadline March 15; late deadline October 15, 2017
Fall 2018 Early deadline October 15, 2017; late deadline March 15, 2018
Spring 2019 Early deadline March 15; late deadline October 15, 2018

For more information email, call (310)303-7359 or make an appointment in Oceanside 213.

Click Here for Additional Study Abroad Information, including External Scholarships.

Study Abroad

David Draper, M.F.T., Psy.D.
Associate Dean of International Education
Office Hours: M – F, 9:00 to 5:00
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