International Services

The OIS — Who We are & What We Do

As the world continues to embrace a more globalized society, so too does Marymount California University. With a highly diverse population of future leaders from more than 30 countries, MCU’s Office of International Services and the International & Intercultural Center strive to provide a comprehensive immigration advising experience focusing on the specific needs of our international student population, while also catering to the MCU population as a whole, offering intercultural programming and professional development campus-wide.

Services Offered to International Students

Comprehensive Immigration Advising for F-1 Visa Students

  • Aid new incoming and transfer students through the Initial Form I-20 and visa seeking process
  • Provide Fall & Spring Semester International Student Orientation Session
  • Advise on and track student progress, transfers, status issues and report in SEVIS as required by SEVP and DHS
  • Advise on academic matters as it relates to your F-1 visa status
  • Advise on personal matters as it relates to your F-1 visa status
  • Advise on domestic and international travel regulations and procedures
  • Provide Immigration Status Verification letters for visa renewals
  • Provide information on how to obtain a California Driver’s License/State I.D.
  • Advise on seeking employment in the U.S.
    • Off-Campus Internships (Curricular Practical Training)
    • On-Campus employment
    • Financial Hardship Employment Authorization
    • Off-Campus Employment After Graduation (Optional Practical Training)
    • Social Security Numbers (The key to getting paid!)
    • Filing U.S. State and Federal Taxes

The International and Intercultural Center (IIC)

A Place To Share, Learn and Grow

  • Plans and promotes cultural and social events where international students can share their national heritage with the University community while also adjusting to the campus environment and American customs
  • Hosts the International Social Hour — A Learning Center event for International and U.S. students to come together to meet, talk and share ideas on selected weekly topics

International Services

Location: TDW 209

Ryan O’Connell
Director of International Services
Email Ryan
Phone: +1 (310) 303-7382
Skype: rwo_international