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Independent and Directed Study Form
Submitting Grades in the Faculty Portal

Academic Petition – Used to request and explain why an exception to policy should be made.
Academic Progress Report – Used to indicate how a student is progressing during the semester, between the faculty and student. (This is not an official form that the Registrar staff fills out)
Application for Degree Conferral – (formerly the Graduation Application).  Used to apply for conferral of the Associate, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.
Change of Address – Used for physical or mailing address changes.
Change of Name Request – Used if a student has officially and legally changed his/her name, and would like it to appear on their Marymount records.
Course Schedule Planning Sheet – Used by students to help figure out time conflicts with classes and/or work, or other obligations.
Course Substitution Petition – Used to request that one course substitute for another to meet degree requirements.
Course Waiver Petition – Used to request that a course be waived from degree requirements.
Declaration/Change of Major – Used to declare or change a major, program, concentration or emphasis
Dismissal Appeal – Used to appeal dismissal from Marymount California University
Enrollment Verification – Used to verify a student’s enrollment status at the institution.
Incomplete Form – To request to receive an Incomplete Grade due to an extended absence or other circumstance preventing completion of a course by semester’s end.
Late Add/Late Drop/Late Withdrawal – Used to request to add, drop or withdraw from a course after the posted deadline.
Leave of Absence – Used to request a Leave of Absence according to Academic Policy.
Manual Registration Add Form – Used to add a course that requires approval, and which needs the Registrar to manually add to a student’s schedule.
Notice of Not Returning – Used to notify the University of a student’s plans not to return for the following semester.
Prerequisite Waiver – Used to request permission to take a course without having met the prerequisites.
Request for Overload Units – Used to request to take more than the maximum number of units allowed in a semester.
Request for Undergraduate to Register for Graduate Course – Used to request permission for an undergraduate student to register for a graduate class, showing that the graduate course meets undergraduate degree requirements.
Semester at the Lake Application – To sign up for courses at the Lakeside campus as a full-time Marymount student. Marymount’s Lakeside campus in Lucerne, California, offers a base to support regional research, service learning and internships.
Transcript Request  – To request a transcript.
Transfer Course Permission – Used to take courses at another institution and transfer them back to Marymount.
Withdrawal from Course Form – Used to drop a course during the current enrolled semester (still registered in at least one course).
Withdrawal from University Form – Used to end your enrollment at Marymount California University.