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How to Apply for Financial Aid

 All Undergraduates

Applying for financial aid is simple!  We understand that financing an education can be a confusing and tedious task.  The Office of Financial Aid is dedicated to providing you with the most concise and accurate information about financial aid.

Marymount California University awards both merit based and need-based aid.

How to apply for merit based Aid
Step 1: Apply for admission to the university. We use the information you submit in the admissions application to determine your eligibility for a merit scholarship. We will automatically award you a merit scholarship if you are determined to be eligible at the time the admissions decision is announced.

How to apply for need-based aid:
Step 1: All students must complete a FAFSA for the academic year in which they wish to receive need-based aid.  You must include Marymount California University on the FAFSA as one of your 10 choice schools.  If you do not include Marymount, your information will not be sent to us. Our school code is 010474.

For some students, the FAFSA may be all that is required.  However, some students will be selected by the US Department of Education for an additional process called verification. If you are selected for verification, we will need to request additional documentation to verify information submitted on the FAFSA.

Verification Process

Step 1: Marymount will notify you if you have been selected for verification via the student portal.  Your student portal will contain a list of the documents required to complete the verification process and be considered for need based aid.  We cannot disburse any state, federal or need-based Marymount Aid to you until you have cleared your list of required documents.

Be sure to check your email for this notification.  If you have not received your award letter within three weeks of having submitted your FAFSA, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Next Steps

Once you have received your Financial Aid Award, look over your awards carefully. Some awards require additional action.

If you have Federal Direct Student Loans on your award that you wish to accept, you may need to complete two additional steps:

Subsidized and Unsubsidized Direct Loans

  • New and transfer students who would like to borrow Federal Direct Loans at Marymount during the academic year must visit www.studentloans.gov and complete LOAN ENTRANCE COUNSELING and sign the MASTER PROMISSORY NOTE. Your loans will not disburse to your account until these steps are complete.
  • If you are a continuing student who has borrowed Federal Direct Loans at Marymount previously, you do not need to take any additional steps; however, if you do not wish to borrow the same amount of funding as the previous year(s), you must notify our office before the start of the semester. You may view your previously borrowed loans at www.nslds.ed.gov.
Federal Parent PLUS Loans

Parents wishing to borrow federal funds must complete the PLUS Loan Application Process every year.

  • Step 1: Log onto www.studentloans.gov as yourself not your student. You will need to use the FSA ID/Password issued to you when you signed your student’s FAFSA.
  • Request a PLUS Loan.  This is the application where the Department of Education checks your credit.  Your loan will immediately be accepted or declined.  If your loan is accepted, continue on to complete a Master Promissory Note.  If your loan is declined, contact the Office of Financial Aid for further instruction.
Financing Your Remaining Need

The Remaining Need on your Award Letter is the portion of your budget that will not be covered by Grants, Scholarships or Federal Direct Loans; however, families are not expected to pay this full amount out of pocket. Please check with the Business Services Office to get an actual balance due to Marymount California University.

Beyond the outstanding balance with the Business Services Office, students may need funds for other things, such as books, transportation and personal expenses. These needs are included in the Remaining Need figure that you are seeing. They vary from student to student. Some ways to cover these expenses include:

  • Federal Direct PLUS Loan (Dependent students Only)
  • Private/Alternative Loans (Dependent and Independent students).  Marymount does not recommend a private loan for education; however, for some students it may be a last remaining option. If you are considering this resource, please visit a Financial Aid Advisor for guidance.
  • Payment Plan Please contact the Business Services Office for more information.

Always follow-up with the Office of Financial Aid to make sure your application is complete.

Special Circumstances

If a change has occurred with your family’s finances since the FAFSA was filed, or if there is any new information you would like the Office of Financial Aid to consider during or after the processing of you financial aid award, you may file an appeal. The Office of Financial Aid may ask your family for additional documentation. Decisions regarding appeals will be contingent upon:

  • Timeliness of original application for financial aid
  • Timeliness of appeal and the nature of the change in circumstance
  • Availability of funds

For more information about the appeal process, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Important Government Telephone Numbers

Assumption Program of Loans for Education (APLE): (888) 224-7268, ext. 3
California Student Aid Commission (Cal Grants): (888) 224-7268
FAFSA: (800) 433-3243
IRS:  (800) 829-1040
Selective Services: (847) 688-6888
Social Security Administration: (800) 772-1213
US Department of Education: (800) 433-3243

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Financial Aid

Email: financialaid@marymountcalifornia.edu
Phone: (310) 303-7217

Assoc. Dean of Enrollment
– Pedro Ladino
Assoc. Director of Compliance
– Nataly De La Peña
Assoc. Director of Operations and VA
– Henry Espinoza
Financial Aid Specialist
– Cristina Retamoza

– Administration Building 111
Hours of Operation
– Monday-Thursday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
– Friday: 8:30 am to 3 pm

Applying for financial aid is simple!  We understand that financing an education can be a confusing and tedious task.  The Office of Financial Aid is dedicated to providing you with the most concise and accurate information about financial aid.