Master Business Administration Degree Sheet

MBA Required Courses Checklist – Effective Fall 2017

Program Mission and Vision:

The MCU MBA program prepares students for effective and ethical entrepreneurial leadership in a global, interconnected

economy. MBA students develop analytical, applied, and interpersonal skills within an interdisciplinary community of

practice to recognize, interpret, present, and lead business solutions to societal and organizational challenges. 

Program Learning Objectives:  Students in MCU’s MBA program will learn to:

  1. Develop a personal leadership philosophy by reflecting on leadership theories and attributes, and acquiring the

leadership skills and abilities necessary to motivate others toward common goals (ID 530, CD500)

  1. Demonstrate a consistent evidence-based decision making approach using rigorous analysis and interpretation of

business data with appropriate tools and techniques.  (ACCT 501, CS 500, BUS 550, ECO 520, BUS 561, BUS 600)

  1. Identify, define, research, and analyze an organizational problem or question, leading to a sustainable business plan or

set of actionable recommendations that balances ethical, economic and other considerations (BUS 698)

  1. Integrate global, cultural, technical and economic considerations into analysis of business opportunities (BUS 600, BUS 698)
  1. Utilize peer feedback to support a spirit of inquiry, reflection, mutual respect, and quality improvement within a

community of practice (BUS 698)

Marymount Leadership Core (8 units) Offered Modality
CD 500* Professional Practice and Ethics (3) SU  HY
ID 530 Leadership Seminar (3) F  F2F
MBA Foundations (121units) Offered Modality
ACCT 501 Accounting and Finance for Managers (3) F, SP  F2F
BUS 512 Business Writing and Communication (1) SU  OL
BUS 550 Market Strategy (3) F  F2F
BUS 550L Market Research and Analytics Lab (1) F  OL
BUS 561 Organizational Strategy and Planning (3) SP  HY
BUS 600 Advanced Corporate Finance (3) SP  HY
BUS 640 Statistics, Decsion Making and Modeling (3) SP  F2F
CS 500 Advanced Data Analytics (1) SP  OL
ECO 520 Economics for Planning (3) F  HY
MBA Electives (6 units from the following) Offered Modality
BUS 515 Innovation Management (3)  SU  HY
BUS 535 Global Entrepreneurship andEconomic Development (3)  F  HY
CD 575 Community Design and Land Use Planning (3)  SU F2F
ID 545 Leadership as Storytelling (3)  SP  OL
ID 550 Grant Writing (3)  SP  HY
ID 580 Cross-Cultural Leadership (3)  F  OL
Internships/Practica  3 units maximum
Other Choose any graduate level course (except BUS 698, EDU 510-520, ID 647, 648, 657, 658, 667, 668)
Check with Program Advisor
MBA Capstone Offered Modality
BUS 698 MBA Capstone SP, SU  HY

**BUS 697 is a prerequisite for BUS 698 (*) Online/Distance

Total units: 36 NOTE: All courses must be passed with a grade of B or higher F = Fall SP = Spring SU = Summer

Modalities: OL Online; F2F face-to-face; HY Hybrid; DS Directed Study


Admission Requirements:

BA from a regionally accredited institution or international equivalent

OR: admission into Marymount BA-MBA pathway program

Program prerequisites:     

Undergraduate Financial Accounting (equivalent to Marymount ACCT 151) with C or higher

AND Undergraduate Statistics course (equivalent to Marymount Math 270) with C or higher

Transfer policy:          

Students may transfer in up to 10 units of equivalent graduate course work completed with a grade of B or higher.         

A minimum of 27 units must be completed while enrolled in an MCU graduate degree program.   

Graduate Programs

The Marymount California University graduate programs were developed with the busy, working professional in mind.

Marymount offers the following graduate degrees:
Master of Science in Community Psychology
Master of Business Administration
Master of Science in Leadership & Global Development

Contact the Admission office for more info
Phone:(310) 303-7208