Master of Science in Leadership and Global Development Degree Sheet

Required Courses Checklist Effective Fall 2017

Program Learning Objectives:

I. Conceptual Framework: Define, discuss, and accurately use concepts, terms and skills established in the program as necessary for understanding leadership and community development in global and local contexts.

II. Analytical Rigor: Demonstrate clear, rigorous social scientific analysis of subject matter using relevant qualitative/quantitative/geospatial tools, concepts, and techniques.

III. Ethical Compass: Identify, evaluate, and discuss competing methods and approaches to understanding, researching, and carrying out community development. Reflect on the ethical implications and leadership outcomes of action research.

IV. Perspective: Identify and articulate diverse perspectives of/on leadership and global development posited by interested constituencies, and connect perspectives to motives, goals and cultural assumptions.

V. Responsiveness: Locate through study, experience and reflection forms of LGD practice, and demonstrate professional ability to contribute in diverse social/cultural contexts, with diverse organizations, as a professional responsibility.

Common MS Leadership Core (14 units) Offered Completed
CD 500 Professional Practice and Ethics (3) SU
CS 500 Advanced Data Analysis (1) SP
ID 530 Leadership (3) F
ID 545 Leadership as Storytelling (4) SP
PSY 540 Research Methods (4) * SP

*Prerequisite: undergraduate Statistics course

Community Development Foundations (9 units) Offered Completed
CD 535 Community Development Theory & Practice (3) SU
CD 575 Community Design & Land Use Planning (3) SU
CD 550 Community Ethnography (3) F
Electives (9 units from the following) Offered Completed
Internships/ Practica 3 units maximum
Graduate Electives Choose any graduate level course (except BUS 697, 698, EDU 510-520, ID 647, 648, 657, 658, 667, 668)
Field Research (12 units) Fieldwork & Seminar courses are co-requisites Offered Completed
ID 647*
ID 648
Fieldwork I (3)
Research Seminar I: Project Management (1)
ID 657*
ID 658
Fieldwork II (3)
Research Seminar II: Writing & Presentation (1)
ID 667*
ID 668
Fieldwork III (3)
Research Seminar III: Mentoring (1)

*ID 647 & 648 are prerequisites for ID 657 & 658; ID 657 & 658 are prerequisites for ID 667 & 668

Total units: 44 NOTE: All courses must be passed with a grade of B or higher F = Fall SP = Spring SU = Summer

Graduate Programs

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Marymount offers the following graduate degrees:
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Master of Science in Leadership & Global Development

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