Master of Science in Community Psychology Degree Sheet

Community Psychology MS – Required Courses Checklist
Effective Fall 2017

Program Learning Objectives:

  1. Demonstrate rigorous social scientific analysis of subject matter using relevant qualitative, quantitative, and geospatial tools, concepts, and techniques.
  2. Incorporate psychological, ecological, and systems level understanding into holistic, sustainable community development processes.
  3. Design effective organizational assessments, participate in program planning and development, and conduct empirical evaluation of programming.
  4. Apply community psychology principles and techniques to improve well-being and effectiveness at individual, organizational, and community levels.
  5. Demonstrate professional ability to contribute in diverse social and cultural contexts, with diverse organizations, and with consideration of ethical implications of one’s actions.
  6. Facilitate group processes that empower and encourage civic engagement.
Common Graduate Leadership Core (14 units) Offered Completed
CD 500 Professional Practice and Ethics (3) SU
CS 500 Advanced Date Analysis (1) SP
ID 530 Leadership (3) F
ID 545 Leadership as Storytelling (3) SP
PSY 540 Research Methods (4) * SP

*Prerequisite: undergraduate Statistics course


Community Psychology Courses (18 units) Offered Completed
PSY 600 Community Intervention & Social Change (3) SU
PSY 610 Psychological Science & Public Policy (3) SU
PSY 630 Prevention (3) F
PSY 640 Organizational Development & Consultation (3) F
PSY 650 Human Diversity & Cultural Competence (3) SP
PSY 660 Program Evaluation (3) SU


Field Research (12 units) Fieldwork & Seminar courses are co-requisites Offered Completed
ID 647*
ID 648
Fieldwork I (3)
Research Seminar I: Project Management (1)
ID 657*
ID 658
Fieldwork II (3)
Research Seminar II: Writing & Presentation (1)
ID 667*
ID 668
Fieldwork III (3)
Research Seminar III: Mentoring (1)

*ID 647 & 648 are prerequisites for ID 657 & 658; ID 657 & 658 are prerequisites for ID 667 & 668

Total units: 44 NOTE: All courses must be passed with a grade of B or higher F = Fall SP = Spring SU = Summer

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