Master of Science in Community Psychology

Psychology program at Marymount California University

The Community Psychology program at Marymount California University is an interdisciplinary program exposing students to theory, research, and practice to address complex social issues and promote social justice.

Students interested in understanding, assessing, and influencing human behavior to increase quality of life are well-suited to pursue this applied field of inquiry.

A social ecological framework is used to assess and address social issues (e.g., homelessness, obesity, drug abuse, school drop-out, and violence) to ensure comprehensive social action. Coursework in prevention science, community intervention and social change, participatory and action research methodologies, needs assessment, and organizational change and development will equip students to work in non-profit organizations, service organizations, research centers, academia, and various levels of government.


Common MS core

I. Communicate effectively with diverse populations in both oral and written format.

II. Demonstrate cultural competence and other key relationship skills with a wide range of constituents.

III. Build and maintain collaborations with communities, organizations, and other stakeholders.

IV. Locate, critically evaluate, integrate, and apply research findings from diverse information sources to new situations.

V. Design and conduct community-based action research that adheres to ethical guidelines and includes the participation of individuals who will ultimately be affected by the research.

MS in Community Psychology PLOs

I. Demonstrate rigorous social scientific analysis of subject matter using relevant qualitative, quantitative, and geospatial tools, concepts, and techniques.

II. Incorporate psychological, ecological, and systems level understanding into holistic, sustainable community development processes.

III. Design effective organizational assessments, participate in program planning and development, and conduct empirical evaluation of programming.

IV. Apply community psychology principles and techniques to improve well-being and effectiveness at individual, organizational, and community levels.

V. Demonstrate professional ability to contribute in diverse social and cultural contexts, with diverse organizations, and with consideration of ethical implications of one’s actions.

VI. Facilitate group processes that empower and encourage civic engagement.

Graduate Programs

The Marymount California University graduate programs were developed with the busy, working professional in mind.

Marymount offers the following graduate degrees:
Master of Science in Community Psychology
Master of Business Administration
Master of Science in Leadership & Global Development

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