Business Course Plan

Bachelor of Arts in Business, 4-year – Course Plan

Lower division courses in Accounting, Economics, Mathematics, and Global Development are
offered every semester in a regular rotation. Upper division core courses are scheduled on
an annual rotation while the concentration courses are scheduled on a 2-year rotation.

Recommended 4-year Plan:

Freshman year

General Education – courses as needed and:
BUS 110 – Introduction to Business
BUS 151 – Financial Accounting
ECO 135 – Perspectives on Global Development

Sophomore Year
General Education – courses as needed and:
BUS 201 – Managerial Accounting
BUS 240 – Business Ethics
BUS 260 – Business Law
ECO 220 – Micro Economics
ECO 221 – Macro Economics

Junior Year
BUS 300 – Principles of Management
BUS 301 – Management for Sustainability
BUS 350 – Principles of Marketing
BUS 360 –Information Systems for Management
BUS 380 – Corporate Finance
BUS xxx – First concentration course
General Education – any remaining courses

Senior Year
BUS XXX – Second concentration course
BUS XXX – Third concentration course
BUS 497 – Capstone
BUS 498 – Capstone
Other electives as needed