Associate Degrees

Students at Marymount California University

Our academic programs represent a belief in the value of a well-rounded, liberal arts foundation, an interdisciplinary approach, and opportunities for reflection on self and society. Co-curricular, service learning, and travel-study opportunities contribute to the development of the whole person, and enable students to strengthen their skills through hands-on and collaborative learning in a variety of contexts.

Our degree requirements include a skills core complement that emphasizes effective communication and logical thinking, in addition to complements in the humanities, natural sciences, behavioral and social sciences, physical health, and a cross-cultural or interdisciplinary selection. Developmental coursework in English and Mathematics also is offered.

Students have a choice of concentrations within the Associate degree programs to explore their options and ensure solid preparation for a major at the Bachelor’s level. The close relationship between faculty and students enables an easy and integral advising atmosphere. helping students identify their academic options and select a path that supports their educational objectives.

Associate Degree Requirements
GE Liberal Ed. Core Requirements

Transfer Information

Marymount California University enjoys a rich tradition of articulation (transfer) agreements with four-year colleges and universities. Our students have successfully transferred to and completed BA programs at University of California campuses, California State Universities, USC and many other private institutions, both in and out of state (see list below).  Students who enroll at Marymount California University with personal goals to transfer are able to access advising services for specialized assistance with the transfer process.

Many lower division general education courses fulfill UC/CSU requirements. Students are eligible for transfer to CSU and UC after the completion of 60 transferable units.

Marymount certifies for CSU transfer. Certification means that Marymount has verified a student has completed lower-division general education requirements for the California State University system. Certification does not guarantee acceptance. Acceptance is on a campus by campus basis.

Marymount does not certify IGETC. IGETC certification is not a condition of UC acceptance.  The UC-competitive student will complete 60 transferable units, lower division general education coursework, preparation for major coursework, and maintain a 3.50, or higher, grade point average.

We recommend that students work closely with our advising staff to access resources and formulate their educational plans.

Marymount California University Associate Degree students have successfully transferred to over 150 colleges and universities throughout California and the country.

Office of Admission

Admission to Marymount is a highly personalized and holistic process that weighs past academic performance with current academic potential. Each application is evaluated individually, and we carefully consider all admission materials that are submitted.

Contact the Admission office for more info
Phone: (310) 303-7311

Roger Jones
Dean of Enrollment and Associate Athletic Director for Recruiting
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